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Trailer Repair & Parts

Quality Trailer Repair & Parts with Zero Downtime

From routine maintenance to repairs and parts installation, JJM-REI offers comprehensive services to prolong the life of your trailer. We carry a large inventory of trailer parts and accessories from a wide range of brands and manufacturers and can even fabricate parts that aren’t commercially available – just ask our professional and friendly staff! Serving the Greater Salem area and beyond, we have the knowledge, experience and quality parts to get your job done right – the first time and on time.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our full-service shop offers trailer repair & maintenance on new and used trailers of all makes and models. Our talented and trusted team boasts over 85 years of experience. We offer a complete line of general repair and service needs including bodywork, preventative maintenance, inspections, single and dual axle services, power washings, hitch installations, tire mountings, brake installation and repair and custom fabrication and welding.

Trailer Bodywork

We offer a range of capabilities for bodywork repairs on trailers of all sizes and types. Whatever the issue, we’re able to restore the integrity of your trailer to ensure it’s roadworthy and in prime condition.  Schedule Appointment →

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your trailer in prime condition with regular upkeep and preventative maintenance. We offer trailer maintenance on new and used trailers of all makes and models. Schedule your next appointment today.  Schedule Appointment →

Trailer Body, Frame and Floor Inspections

Be confident that your trailer is safe and road ready. At JJM-REI, our trained trailer service experts will diligently check your trailer’s body, frame and floor to ensure a suitable level of roadworthiness.  Schedule Appointment →

Single & Dual Axle Services

From lightweight single-axle utility trailers to heavy-duty dual-axle haulers and everything in between, JJM-REI can handle all of your trailer service needs. Simply call or schedule your appointment online.  Schedule Appointment →

Trailer Suspension Repairs

Each mile adds wear and tear to your trailer suspension system. With a full selection of in-stock trailer parts, our trailer service team is ready to repair, replace and service any part of your suspension.   Schedule Appointment →

Trailer Hitch Installations

Our experienced and talented installation team is available to install your trailer hitch. Simply tell us your vehicle year, make and model and we’ll present you with options for trailer hitches and other towing components.  Schedule Appointment →

Trailer Tire Mounting and Balancing

Proper tire mounting and balancing are key to keeping your trailer safe on the road. Our trailer service team has the latest equipment and tire experts to do the job right. Schedule your mount and balance appointment today.  Schedule Appointment →

Trailer Brake Installation & Repair

With our trailer repair equipment and in-stock parts, our trailer service department is ready to assist you with all of your brake needs. All brake work is performed by JJM-REI’s experienced trailer repair professionals.  Schedule Appointment →

Custom Fabrication & Welding

Did you know? JJM-REI can even fabricate parts that aren’t commercially available. Our experienced technicians are on hand to customize any part you may need for your trailer.  Schedule Appointment →

Trailer Parts

We have all the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including wheels, lights, cargo control, couplers, suspension, jacks, wiring, security and other trailer parts from the best manufacturers in trailer parts.

Trailer Tires & Wheels

Need a trailer tire or wheel part? Our inventory includes tires with wheels, tires only, wheels only, tire inflation and repair, trailer fenders and fender skirts. Our full inventory can be seen in store. Visit Our Location →

Trailer Wheel Parts

We have all the wheel parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer in stock, including brakes, hubs and drums, axles, spindles, bearings, seals, caps and more.  Visit Our Location →

Trailer Lights

We have a variety of quality trailer lights in stock, including tail lights, strobe lights, clearance lights, brake lights, interior lights, license plate lights, reflectors and more. Stop in to see our full inventory.  Visit Our Location →

Trailer Suspension

You’re guaranteed a smoother haul when you purchase your suspension system components from our full selection of high quality parts. Stop in to see our full inventory.  Visit Our Location →

Trailer Couplers

Shop our full selection of trailer couplers including A-frame couplers, straight tongue couplers, gooseneck couplers, flat mount couplers, height adjustable channel couplers and more.  Visit Our Location →

Cargo Control

Shop our full range of cargo control solutions in our Salem, NH store. We carry all types of trailer tie downs and anchors including ratchet straps, retractable straps, utility and cinch straps, cam buckle straps, tie down chains and more.  Visit Our Location →

Trailer Jacks

We have all types of trailer jacks in store. Whether you need an A-frame jack, swivel jack, stabilizer jack, drop leg jack, rack and gear jack or landing gear, we’ve got you covered. Stop in to see our full inventory. Visit Our Location →

Trailer Electrical & Wiring

JJM-REI is fully stocked for all your trailer electrical and wiring needs, including trailer connectors, wire, wiring adapters, trailer plug covers, breakaway kits, junction boxes and more.  Visit Our Location →

Trailer Security

We have all types of locks to keep your trailer secure, including coupler locks, pin locks wheel locks and other trailer security options.  Visit Our Location →